Sunday, January 11

snow day.... take 52

 this has been the week of custom jobs. 4 projects are waiting for me downstairs..... with a deadline!!! it's almost like having a boss! i'm actually pretty excited about all of them. and the thrill of working in my own shop has not totally worn off yet. i can easily imagine trying to do this work for someone out of my car in their garage. it's hard to believe i ever did that!

new years flowers- they seem to glow up against that blue! i had to include them.

saddle seat. although it might also be a nice plant stand. i love the little copper nails.

letter chair made to go with letter desk (posted dec 3rd)

more winter lace......

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mia c said...

Hi Liz! This blog is great, and thanks so much for including some pictures of my prints. Everything looks amazing. Here is a link to a website I think you will like

No doubt I will be stopping by in person soon!