Thursday, January 22


how would you like to read a blog full of excuses for why i didn't blog last week? 
thats what i thought... so we can just pretend there hasn't been a large gap between postings, ok?
custom job, i wish i had a taken a before... but either way i'm loving the finished product.

this table is as close to a water fountain as any piece of furniture i've ever seen.


custom refinishing job for some old friends...

a close of up of the interior of the cabinet. the copper lining was their idea and i  think it came out great! i tried to bring the copper outside with additional nails on the top and front.

before of sideboard. the flash in this photo gives the deceptive impression that the woodwork was in good condition. in reality the veneer was peeling and it was pretty beat up.

the black was a custom request, and i think the finished product is very classy!

new diamond pillow. the back is the same deliciously soft green fabric of the diamond.

before of desk chair.

and the after. i know i've done this style chair before, but i just love the look of the wood grain in the letters. yum.

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Anonymous said...

The water fountain table now looks like a birthday cake the ShopRite.
I love it.