Friday, January 30

quick round up

our family is about to leave for a fabulous tropical vacation with my mother in law so please forgive if parts of my post don't make sense! my mind is elsewhere...
but before i head out to the land of drinks by the shore, i wanted to give a glimpse of what's been happening at s&b.
my biz cards....i love the handmade look, but my hand doesn't. i think this may be the last batch before i take the plunge to a printer. although we can't forget that it's almost impossible to tear me away from my shop....  which includes the quick walk to the copy shop.... so another hand made batch isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility!

what i look at all day from my studio.... not so bad.

some booty from the ice storm! the original camo.

i paid 10$ for this and as i was loading it into my car someone said- you paid too much for that. but did i?

not quite finished- but well on it's way! 

victorian couch frame. this sat in my shop for a couple of weeks before i worked on it. it was such an intimidating project!

but once i got started i couldn't stop!

the finished product- the hardest part was not moving it into our apartment when it was done!

a new piece from nate! finally some furniture diversity in s&b!! it's hard to photograph but that's actually a pale blue. something about the shop eats shades of white/ grey. it's a constant source of discussion.

stunning trunk from nate. come in person to see the sweet upholstery in the drawer!

bedside tables.... these two are a real mystery. they are not an exact match (which i LOVE about them) and yet have some very particular features in common- like vents in the back and bottom!!? any idea's? 

i'm so glad these are going to friends so i don't have to say goodbye!

sweet custom bench. i love upholstery buttons- and i also hate them. they are the perfect finishing touch- the kind that takes hours longer than you anticipate and injures you in the process. the sacrifices i make for beauty.....


Moon said...
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Anonymous said...

I could totally help you with those business cards. If you draw up one of those trees, email it to me, write out your information on your business card, scan it we can send your business cards to and they will be to your door in a week.