Friday, December 19

snow day

more new stuff! i've been really slacking on my before pics, so next week i'll be sure to include some. i've got some great projects waiting for me downstairs, and they will be great transformations. anyhoo, here is what i've been working on in the last week or so. i missed a couple of pieces that came in and went right back out before i had time to take a picture. too bad i work alone... there's no one to blame!
newly fabulous book shelf. i am really loving this piece- i have a real soft spot for doors and windows.

close up of the hardware- parrot knob and all.

there is a fourth shelf on the bottom that i couldn't photograph well (alden, i need you!) but i love this piece for all the hidden storage it provides. one of my favorite things.

the presidential desk (thats a map of chicago), it sold in minutes practically, but i'm lucky he won't be picking it up for a couple of weeks.

flower detail close up.

the whole desk, in all it's splendor.

sorry these pics are so crappy! i should have taken the table out of the window to photograph it, but thats not really my style. it would be my style for someone else to take it out of the window to photograph- and then blog about it. 

detail shot.  it's hard to tell, but it's another parrot knob.

detail of le ruler table. so cute!

too bad i already have a sewing table.... this is too perfect.

the fancy lady chair. this is the first piece that really reflects a small pool of creative talent. my original plan was to do the whole chair in blue, but after working on the cushion....or should i say struggling...... i was no happy with the look, but i was lucky enough to have some other creative thinkers suggest pairing it with the blue/brown silk. after adding the green button. i love it!

have fun in the snow!


terrapin said...

hey you! none of your inspiring links work....
i tried all of them. maybe the addresses are typed in wrong??

happy snow!!

carpenter ant said...

sorry about that! all fixed!