Saturday, December 6

new artists!.... and other stuff

hi! things are moving along at sticks and bricks. new artists, great feedback, and even selling a few things. today as i was working in the shop, i imagined how it will be someday- full of crafty people making, buying and selling things. part of me can't wait until it's bustling, but i'm sure when it is i'll miss having the whole store to myself.

lisa's art on the wall and looking lovely.

a new coat rack inspired by barb at knack studios.

     a little bird pillow

some of mia's one of a kind prints

dana's fantabulous prints

dana's orignal touch paintings

helen's beaded earrings. sorry the pic doesn't capture them better- you'll just have to come see them in person!

new yellow side table

the kermit stool, right before it was packed up for it's trip to PA.

oh, and check out some lovely photos- of sticks and bricks and other interesting things at  she is a talented lady!


knack said...

love the coat rack!! :)

I love everything you do!! Your shop is so great!! xoxo

Katherine said...

Congrats on the new(ish) shop. You're living my dream...keep up the fantastic work!!!