Sunday, December 28


good morning, or is it afternoon.... i'm stealing a brief moment between visitors this holiday (time when i should be cleaning and doing laundry) and there's so much to do i thought- i should post to my blog! here's a few recent pics- but i didn't get much done last week... i mean, it IS  the holidays.
i had nothing to do with this buliding, (that is not my ad design) but i love that building, and it was so snowy, and it is made of bricks....

the last shot of the couch before it was whisked away.... i'll miss you little seat!

flea market chairs before....

and after! there still waiting for a little 'fun' paint touch. i'll post again when they're totally done.

the full set of four.

little table before....

and after.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!...I also love taking old pieces of furniture and giving them new life, I can always see the potential...although, I do not have the talent that I see in your work! Happy New Year..the McDairmants

Unknown said...

Maya, Debs and I were just looking at your work, and then Maya proceeded to say "wabba wabba nananew" which I think, loosely translated, is:

"Dear Auntie Liz, the transmorgification of someone else's trash into the jewels of your magnificent labor rivals that of mother nature's transformation of carbon into glamorous glitz, diamonds that is...and I have to say I will constantly beseech my parents for these amazing fruits of your imagination and labor."

But then I smelled her diaper and now I think "wabba wabba nananew" means "I made that!".

Enjoy the tropics.


Nicole said...

Beautiful stuff!

I lived in that building for 2 years before moving up the road to Easthampton. Love the Market Street 'hood-- I just wish your store was there when I lived over there! Lovely, all of it.