Wednesday, September 12

junk love

i had a glorius day today. i actually had permission to shop for old stuff to renovate. sigh. and i got to go dump shopping. well not exactly a dump, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you passed it on the street. the place i went is in springfield, mass and you really need to bring a flashlight and watch out for forklifts racing by. i mean it, they should probably give you an orange reflective jacket when you go out in the yard. i got two old picture frames that are so wabi sabi (read: trashed). you have to negotiate a price with the yard manager, and we ended up paying 10$ for both. i've been wanting to cover our hideous faux wood paneling with big framed pieces of fabric so i'm really excited.

like some people dream of winning the lotto, i dream of getting an amherst dump pass.

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