Thursday, September 13

hello family and friends of janelle bloss and charly murphy!

help them buy the hat tree ('cause you know charly loves her hats) and coffee table of their dreams!
they'll get to pick the color and style on a one of a kind piece of furniture and you can buy it for them!
the pictures below are examples of some similar pieces i've done before so you can get an idea of what we do here.
if you decide you'd like buy to something for them, you can email me at or you can call the store at 413-586-1560 wed-saturday between 12 and 5. if you'd like to make contribution to a piece, but not purchase the whole thing, that is fine & i will post as they get closer to their final goal. (anonymously until the wedding of course- i don't want to give anything away!)

a hat/ coat tree is 290$ SOLD!

a coffee table is often around 350$ but depends on the style and materials used. (any remainder will be available as store credit for the happy newlyweds!) - SOLD!

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