Wednesday, September 19

frame it

so i finally did something with one of the frames A and i got a week ago. i really loved them just as they were- straight from the dump- but they were pooping paint and junk all over. not gonna work. so i decided to scrape everything loose and see where that left me. almost all the paint came off on one side, but that left the frame looking uneven. i got out a heavy grit sandpaper- probably about 50- and sanded down the other three sides to give the frame a more evenly distressed look.

now i had the frame. but what to do with it....

i didn't want to get glass and some fancy art for this thing for a couple of reasons- one, i'm cheap, and we don't have money to buy nice art and two i thought glass would take away from the 'found' feeling the frame has. so, thanks to design*sponge i've been thinking about framing paper a lot lately, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something like that. i love the greens in this fabric, and the pattern has a calm sensual quality that i love for our bedroom. i cut it to size and used thumb tacks on the back to pull it tight. i added eyes to the back on both sides, and ran wire across so i could hang it.

voila. the faux wood i detest is a little less visible now. but i can't help but fantasize about how nice this would look on a PAINTED wall. ....

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