Wednesday, February 9

the roost!!!!!!

hello out there!! so, we have been very absent here in cyberspace for the last couple weeks as we finished up the project we've been working on since august!

two doors down from sticks and bricks there was a liquor store for 15+ years (pop's). when they moved next door, my sweetie and great friend robyn decided to open a cafe there. lucky us!

for the next two weeks we are going to bring you pictures of all the sticks and bricks contributions- from the very large to the small details.

and we'll start with the exterior facade.

we made 5' sections of fencing with reclaimed stockade fence, local rough sawn lumber, and misc bits of wood we picked up here and there.

luckily we finished this part before there was 3' of snow on the ground!

we enlisted the help of our contractors to mount it to the building- because we're not that butch ;).

the signs were made by steelhead studios - 500lbs of fantastic rusted metal.

open 8am-11pm, i ate all three meals there yesterday.

for those of you not lucky enough to come in person- we'll take you inside tomorrow.


Carly said...

Oh ... WOW! The sign and that wooden border looks incredible! I look forward to the rest of the updates! Great work!

Unknown said...

Can you also post of menu? Or type of food they will be serving?

Unknown said...

I have been wondering about that spot on main street, the facade is incredible now. It looks SO AWESOME, you all did great work. Will have to check out the food sometime. Well done!

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys! and diane i'll try to post a menu next week... for now the quick overview is egg sandwiches, yummy bread soup and salads, beer wine and lots of cake!!!