Wednesday, February 23

the roost- baked&such

hey all! we're going to wrap up pictures of the roost this week. it's just so hard to narrow down the pictures. i spent so much time with every detail- for 5 months!

before of the upper level...

and now!

we built cabinets with old doors and wood parts from all over the place (a special shout out belongs here to justin babcock- thanks for all those materials j!!)

some doors open, and some are structural.

this is the before of our used grab and go case. adam asked me if we could make it work.... after he already bought it.

but make it work we did! i spent a dirty day in the crawl space salvaging the old tin ceiling that we used for the new facing & justin and i brushed off the paint on the metal wherever we could.

thanks for the great idea mike! (blue collar artistans)

a shot of our wine storage. old bed springs, new copper pipe.


Haley said...

:: functional & fashionable ::

Unknown said...

Love it!

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys!