Friday, October 22

poem trunk

okay so i just can't stop myself from stamping poems, words and quotes into pieces of furniture or other things we are making here in the shop!

this old trunk has a great patina, but needed some new hinges and a sprucing up on the inside.

cute little compartments to hold your cute little things!

for this piece, i chose touched by an angel by maya angelou. in thinking about what would be right, this popped to the front of my mind. as i looked at a few other choices, i just kept coming back to it. the process is painstaking, but becomes quite meditative and i just love the results!


Marian said...

what a great idea. oh, my god. i could go all crazy with this. uh oh.

Dar said...

I so love this - beautiful.

sticksandbricksjustin said...

thanks ladies!

Alayna said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with this! I am eyeballing all my furniture, wondering what I would stamp on it. What kind of letter stamps are you using?

sticksandbricksjustin said...

Thanks Alayna! We use steel stamps by a company called Pittsburgh. They come in various sizes and we picked them up at Harbor Freight.