Thursday, October 14

many drawers

sometimes this small shop brings out the best creativity.

all these drawers had just been accumulating in the back, waiting for the right project. i finally decided i should spend my time making something with them instead of moving them from one shelf to another every time i needed to get something.

i used up all the scrap plywood i had kicking around.

the bit of brown on the top is a repair where a part of the plywood had chipped- i fit in a piece of cherry veneer.

bits of paper from all sorts of projects.

oh, and the feet are from the dump. (aka put and take)


ina said...

I just saw this in the shop tonight -- I love it!

carpenter ant said...

thanks ina!

dianne said...

I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and this is by far my favorite piece. I scrolled down and was pleasantly surprised. Wish I lived close enough to visit your shop. thanks for the inspiration!

carpenter ant said...

thanks dianne, happy to inspire :)

michelle said...

very nice. Your work inspires me.