Wednesday, October 13

a new leaf

dear gentle readers ;)
you may have noticed i've been less than consistent in my posting these last weeks. the truth is i've been incredibly busy working on a new cafe that will be opening up next door (practically) in december. while this is super exciting, i don't wanna neglect y'all! so for the foreseeable future i'm making a commitment to you (and to myself) to post every wednesday, thursday and friday about something fun and fabulous. justin is still here upcyling furniture in unexpected fantastic ways, and he's promised to help me. (thank god for justin!)

so for today, here's a quick before and after. and get ready for more!

the before.

and after. we used a 'brilliant blue' spray paint, modpodged this fab paper, and put on a coat of 'super glaze' bar top finish. these trays should be able to hold up to many years of messy tv dinners!


Soon, Then said...

beautiful! Congrats on taking on more adventures!

Pipsqeek said...

Very nice.

Glad to hear you're keep up the commitment. I just started to follow your blog and am in love with some of the pieces.

If there was an easy way to get them to Australia the I'd be shopping with you.

I'll stick to letting your work influence mine.

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys! your comments make this new commitment easier!