Thursday, May 20

radio cabinet

this radio cabinet had been sitting in the shop for months, waiting for some attention....

i was hoping to get the old tube radio & record player fixed so i could use it in the shop- but in the end decided that wasn't really practical... you won't believe all the awesome things that came out of this little box!

first, the cabinet. justin picked great spring colors...

and the new door was a perfect place for the seed pod carving...

and inside- a turquoise surprise.

next, the old drawer front makes a great yours and mine coat or towel hook.

and the drawer base had this great cutout for the record player that couldn't just be thrown away.

the underside of the record player was so fantastic we turned it into a clock. (yes, that's copper)

and the bottom of the tube radio makes a great key hook with some small modifications.

all the parts of the animal!


Soon, Then said...

WOW! Talk about using all the part of an "animal"! Good work!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

way to go, using this record cabinet...down to the wire!
Love the copper clock!
and of course favorite shade of green.

Jen said...

Unbelievable - great use of all the parts, all so beautifully and creatively done!