Thursday, May 6


i often joke that making this furniture is the result of my genetic predisposition to collect old things (thanks dad!) and also eliminate clutter/ collections (thanks mom!). now that i have a shop keeping my 'collecting' gene under control is getting trickier. i mean, i see potential in almost everything!

this table takes care of a few of those wood scraps in my ever growing pile. it was inspired by a recent trip to p-town and uses parts from a 3 tables, a stair ballister, and an old headboard.
amazingly it doesn't wobble.


Unknown said...

This is incredibly beautiful in it's honesty. Leaving the partial finishes was a perfect touch. I love furniture to my own detriment, but it rarely makes it to the level of art in my opinion. I really think you've done that here, though!

sticksandbricksjustin said...

thanks so much ambeur. we feel really lucky to be able to be so freely creative!

Sidney Fritz said...

Thank you