Tuesday, June 16


i may have gotten a little carried away taking pictures of this next piece... i just couldn't decide which details to leave out!

the before.

the after.

i love the laminate top.

i've become obsessed with old bottles, lucky for me i have a good supplier!


mia c said...

Liz, I love this hutch very much from the painted hinges to the extra shelf ideal for old bottles across the top. It is almost exactly what I had in mind for some kind of sewing work station, actually, but I wonder if the counter-height would be tall enough for me to stand and sew at...I am a shorty...will have to stop by the shop soon!

carpenter ant said...

fun! stop by! the counter might be too low to stand and sew at... maybe with an adjustable height metal stool....

Heather said...

Uh! I want it. So cool! That is beautiful.