Friday, June 5

another lovely day

I have 2 before and afters today that I'm really excited about. the first is a rocker that I've been looking forward to refinishing for a least a month and it's so great to see it done!


I've been told rockers like this are from sears at the turn of the century.... not so bad for 100 years old!

the fabric is from an ikea table runner.

project #2
 this is our little patio in april.

two nights ago I added these little benches and I'm in love! I think home depot had those timbers mismarked because this whole project cost me about 10$!

they are perfect with our little picnic table.


Living Arts Studio said...

in orstead's words....uhh dreamy! so so dreamy.

flowergarden129 said...

I have a Victorian platform rocker that's almost identical to yours. I'd never heard the Sears theory before, though. I'd love to hear more about how you upholstered it since I'm trying to do the same thing.