Monday, April 27

ahem... summer?

I must have old farmer blood in my genes because I like to talk about the weather (complain, compare, contrast) like my crops depend on it.
moving onto new projects- my actual job and the other thing I've been known to obsessively talk about- here are my latest completed pieces.

this was a custom job- her color choice, my design. we made a good team!

I may never buy knobs again!

an in process pic.


Mo Pho said...

Oooh, SO pretty!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

This is really awesome. I would love to be able to do this to a piece of our furniture.

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys! i love your encouragement!

sarah said...

liz... love it. you are totally inspiring me. i refinished a table and i will sent you a picture as soon as i get a picture, my camera just broke. and now my sister is commissioning me to finish something for her... thanks! and is that p-town job kbuds and her lady? looks great! xoxox

carpenter ant said...

yeah sarah! p-town was kate and amy h! we had a little earthfoods work party- it was so good! can't wait to see you and the pics of your projects! xxxooo

misshelly said...

This is so lovely and so delicate looking! Great job!