Wednesday, April 15

knobs (not that kind!)

as much as I *love* hardware from anthropologie, i've been having fun experimenting with some more homegrown knobs.

 basic knob base from the hardware store. I haven't seen much variation in size, bit just in case you should be looking for something with a diameter of about 1 1/4".

get a basic paint tray from your local art supply store along with some casting resin. beware- this stuff stinks!! work outside or with a gas mask. follow the instructions and expect to wait at least overnight for the resin to cure.

getting the resin out of the tray is an adventure in and of itself! I've had the best luck when I lay out a clean sheet of paper and slam the tray upside down on the paper.

trace your knob, and cut out some pictures (the fun part). then give the paper a quick coat of mod podge. this will stop your paper from absorbing the apoxie and discoloring when you glue it to the knob.

now let's put it all together! ignore the picture above and glue your images to the resin FIRST- use a clear 2 part apoxie. (anything that starts cloudy and dries clear may not get enough air to fully cure and you'll end up with a cloudy look). once it's set use the same apoxie to glue the knob to the top. be patient and let it set.
you're done- so lovely, so personal!


Soon, Then said...

so pretty! I love these.

Unknown said...

love this idea!

Unknown said...

Such a cute idea! And I can see that maybe you used this on your bookcase?

carpenter ant said...

i did do one of these on each of the bookcases i just compeleted, and the copper dresser, and the blooming dresser i just finished. what can i say, when i find something i like i use it!