Monday, March 23


Today I was lucky enough to work with a very dear friend. It was a dream- chating about ex's, painting, and drinking grown up juice boxes. What's that you say- grown up juice boxes?

Pocket espresso. Have you ever heard of anything more brilliant!?* She brought them back from italy and they were perfect after lunch. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of her new orange kitchen, but today I have a sweet little chair before and after.

*gross? maybe, but they were so chocolaty and caffeine is so important.....

Before- that's light brown paint and it wasn't doin it for me.

That's better.


Mo Pho said...

Wow! Another beauty! I was telling my fiancee about your blog, I need to show it to him one of these days! We're hopefully going to be buying our first home in May and don't have a ton of furniture to move from our rental as the move is cross country so we're only bringing the good stuff (and the couches, dining room table, and other items are the landlords, not ours! At any rate, we would really like to find items at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops that need a little tlc and refurbish them as you do. I'm sure our final product won't look nearly as nice but I think it would be so great to have these items that we worked on together in our house rather than filling it with junk from Ikea. I get so much inspiration from reading your blog, though, I'm so looking forward to starting this process! :)

carpenter ant said...

thanks! i agree that home styled furnishings are so much better than anything from ikea. send me pics when you start- i love to see what other people do!