Monday, March 16

lisa orsted

today's post is devoted to this lovely and talented lady. i've lured her to my shop innumerable times to ask her advice and opinions on various artistic endeavors.  then i lock the doors and hold her captive for the rest of the evening! ok, that's no entirely true, but i do make her tasty adult beverages to.... 'help' her forget all her responsibilities and while away the evening. applications accepted daily.

lisa uses vintage ad's and comic books to create interesting collage, and then paints over the images... nice, eh?

one of her softer pieces.

i love that there's so much to look at. every time you see something new.

of course i love when someone uses an old door in their work and lisa is no exception!

for now, lisa doesn't have a place to view her work online- but she does have pieces available at sticks and bricks!

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Anonymous said...

Liz! I am so glad I checked out your blog, it is as inspiring as you are in person and I have visited it about 12 times since I saw you on Saturday! I had to comment when today one of my most favorite friends is featured on your blog! I have an awesome piece of Lisa's that she gave Patty and I as a wedding gift, I will try to take a good picture of it so you can see it! (And to get more of her work out there!)