Monday, September 6

carver coffee table

remember these old coffee tables? i am instantly transported back to childhood upon seeing it. so much so in fact that i nearly passed it up!

i had been itching to punch a poem into a piece of furniture ever since liz's magical mary oliver coffee table. this piece was just calling out for it!

i went with one of my favorites, the best time of the day by raymond carver.

a perfect fit for the nearing end of the season.


Lesley Todd said...

Ohhhh I want this one very badly indeed!!! Would you consider... how much would it be to buy and ship to the UK??

mia c said...

Oh I love it! If you ever need a librarian to research punch-worthy quotes, I'm your man!

sticksandbricksjustin said...

Thanks! Lesley - the shipping costs are generally prohibitive unfortunately and this piece weighs in at least 40 pounds. Shoot me an email and we can discuss. Mia - we would love some suggestions ;)