Tuesday, July 20

shelf love

last week i was looking around for some wood for another project when the pieces for this shelf appeared like a puzzle that was already put together!

i just love that little bit there where the old hinge used to be.

and of course, you can't make just one of something. i am a collector of things (who would have thunk it right?) and this shelf would be a great display for little treasures....hmmm....

that red board has been kicking around the shop for a bit now and those pieces of reclaimed chestnut even longer. sometimes you may not know why you are saving something, and when you use it, it is so gratifying!


mia c said...

boy do I agree about the vindication that comes from using something that has been kicking around for a while... Oliver and I have been working on our book art for the show, and we are both so excited! It is a perfect opportunity for us to do something together and is keeping us really motivated. Will send along images soon!

sticksandbricksjustin said...

sounds great mia. i am excited to have provided some motivation for you too and can't wait for the show!