Monday, July 26

dressing table

i scooped up this dressing table last week that just needed a little lovin'.

i opted to go a bit classic on this piece, pairing it with a lonely chair we had hanging on the back and going with an olive green. the mirror on this piece is spectacular!

as i was painting, i realized the color is very close to the color my grandmother used once in the 70's. one day she decided she was sick of her dining room set, so she painted the whole thing. she loved it, but i've always wondered what the mahogany set looked like in it's glory. maybe that's where i get the redo gene from?

i love the way these two patterns play off of each other. now it's ready to find a new home!



Holyoke Home said...

OOoh! I love the new layout!!!! It looks GREAT! My high school friend (who's married name I couldn't remember?) who knows your husband is Naomi Hoffman.

Have a GREAT week.

carpenter ant said...

thanks! i'll tell a and we'll walk down memory lane together ;)

hope to see you soon!