Tuesday, April 27

knob hooks!

well, you know we love our knob hooks here and we just made a new batch for spring!

fun colors for spring!

this one is made from the side of an old chair that we deconstructed. what a nice finish it has!

this one is a favorite - the green peaking through is just delicious!

i like to think of this one having some industrial edge!

here we have a gorgeous single knob that we were looking for the perfect thing and i think we found it with this silhouette from an old bed post.

and here we have a rack for your mugs or other sundries in the kitchen. this idea will make another appearance later in the week - we love it!


mia c said...

I love them all! (But not as much as the one I recently got and have in my house! I love that one the most because it is mine)
I am always so proud to be a part of your excellent store.

sticksandbricksjustin said...

thanks mia! i love the one you have too!

Susan said...

I love the green one - so spring-y!

How did you split the turned leg so perfectly to create the mug rack?

carpenter ant said...

with a table saw, very carefully ;)