Friday, September 25

the 3 c's

clearly i can't stop. but the more i make, the more inspired i am to make more!

with the days getting shorter, it was time to get candle sticks. i got this brass set from savers, sanded and added a little spray paint. now we'll have summer color on our table all winter!

i had to share this carrot embrace. steamy.


Katherine said...

I love today's post...the 3 C's...cakeplates, candlesticks, and carrots. The last one is steamy indeed!

carpenter ant said...

the 3 c's! i love it-i'm renaming the post, thanks!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Love the red candlesticks - and that carrot embrace is sweet!

Nori said...

Hey there!! I just LOVE those carrots. They totally made me smile.

I wanted to let you know that I'm celebrating your creativity by passing along a blog award to you. You can get it here

Katherine said...

hee hee...glad I could inspire a renaming!!!

carpenter ant said...

thanks nori! what an honor!