Thursday, August 27

more paper!

this is a new custom job. a little sanding+ a little stain+ some lovely paper+ a lot of mod-podge+ a lot of poly. such a fun restyling!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! looks wonderful. I just had one question. Sorry but my technical english is not too good (Im' from France...), and I wondered how you got this lovely effect on the top side after you stuck the paper. Can we use wallpaper on such restyling ? Is there some kind of "wax" existing that you used for this glossy effect ?

Thanks in advance for your return


carpenter ant said...

i used mod podge and water based polyurethane to seal the paper. i have used wallpaper, maps, really any kind of paper will work as long as you seal it well. the hardest part is getting it to lay flat (at least for me!)

happy crafting!

brooklyn_codger said...

Ohh, the desk looks like two leather bound books!