Friday, July 3

yellow velvet

there's something about the phrase 'yellow velvet'..... scrumptious!

this is the most comfortable settee i've ever worked on- and the rocker's not too shabby either.

the ghastly before.... was something nesting in there? maybe.

which is why all the guts had to be removed and disposed! new webbing, springs stitched in place, then tied. canvas on top of springs, 4" foam, cotton batting, and... yellow velvet.

these griffins are wood inlay... not painted, carved and inlayed..... talk about amazing craftmanship.

have a great 4th of july- may you see fireworks!


Heather said...

wow, well done. you definitely brought that piece back from the dead! good job- it is rocking.

anselblue design studio said...


Jillian Frances said...

I really enjoy your upholstery work and all of your designs. Where did you learn to upholster? Is there a book you would recommend?

carpenter ant said...

i've mostly learned upholstery from taking things apart and trying to put them back together. tying the springs was something new for me and i used 'singer upholstery- basics plus' as a reference. it has helpful and hilarious photos.

Nori said...

Wow! Truly inspiring. I would have been afraid to touch that in fear of what I might find. You are brave and incredible!

carpenter ant said...

thanks for all your kind words nori!