Thursday, February 19

winter break project

my little sweetie is on school break this week, so i've had to work in our apartment. i've been wanting to try a floating shelf in our itty-bitty living room and here are the results...

partially completed project. since making a trip to the store with frida is more work than i had in mind- i designed this box based around the materials i had in the shop.

close up of the cabinet- i pre-drilled 3/8" holes so i could cover the screws with pegs.

the floating shelf! the drawer was left in our apartment when we moved in and i've been saving it for.... well i wasn't sure what. now it can house a variety of STUFF (we have a lot...).

the idea is  that we'll keep expanding this little wall unit with more self existing cabinets.  we have a lot more stuff that needs a home!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

Kate just gave me the update on you guys and I wanted to check out your site. Your shop looks absolutely adorable and your pieces are so inspiring! I look forward to seeing you guys when we are out there in August. I can't believe your baby girl is in Kindergarten! Mine is starting middle school next year! Can you believe it?

I am glad to hear you guys are doing so well. Your life sounds perfect.


carpenter ant said...

hi shadeau!
looking forward to seeing you this summer! i'm going to get your email from kate- it would be great to catch up!