Thursday, February 12

key chains and jewelry

maybe it's that showing a little skin makes me want new jewelry, or maybe it's that valentine's day has me thinking about what little trinkets i can make, or maybe it's that haley's earrings have been literally flying out of s&b....... whatever it is, i've been inspired to work on smaller things this week. like key chains and jewelry!

the new display- in all it's splendor!

skeleton key necklace, sterling rings, and skeleton earrings.

bright copper rectangles and more sterling rings (with tigerseye beads)

steel rings- earrings and bracelet. i especially love these. the rings are imperfect and the solder is messy. and they're steel!

black iron pipe necklace. so i have a little crush on black pipe!! i'm allowed!

valentine's key to my heart key chain.

the one on the left says 'so much better' and the one on the right is xxxx & oooo

and another key to my heart. (well, not actually MY heart, i couldn't sell those in the shop!)

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carpenter ant said...

Carpenter Ant,
The stuff you make is really beautiful and unique and special. Just like you:)