Friday, February 27


it's funny how sometimes i think i'm working on a bunch of unrelated projects and it's not until they're finished that i see their similarities.

case in point- i didn't intend to make the chairs look so nice together- it just worked out that way.

even if this picture was better i wouldn't have been able to capture one of the best things about this chair- the soft soft orange fabric. someone compared it to their cat's ears. yum!

the cowgirl chair. i love a good saddle seat!

the cowgirl table. makes me want to have poker games in the shop.

new crate table. cowgirl or redsox? it reminds me of both somehow....


knack said...

your chairs are very fun as well!

Thanks for your encouragement today! xo

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more proud. You must have gotten all this artistic talent from my side.
Love ya,