Saturday, February 21

a good day!

some days i leave my shop feeling a bit grumpy. it's not always easy to work alone, and i miss the creative feedback of working with other people. when it's really bad i feel like i'm out of ideas, and it's crazy to have to be creative EVERY day.
but on other days..... i feel great! something in the air makes new projects appear out of nowhere, and i have great interactions with the folks that come into my shop.  today was one of those days!  i am in love with this new coffee table, and the magazine rack, and... well, monogamy isn't important when it comes to furniture.

the new coffee table in progress. sometimes i love the process so much i want to leave it half finished!

the almost finished coffee table.  i kept getting distracted while i was closing up- i couldn't stop looking at it!

i saw something similar to this online a while back (i don't remember by who) and i've been wanting to make something like it for a while. i glad my memory doesn't always fail me!

a new little cabinet. such a cutie!

close up of some of my earrings on a lovely model. after seeing how beautiful they looked on her i 'borrowed' them from my shop. like the celebrities at the oscars.


knack said...

oh my ... the tree table ... AMAZING!!

mia c said...

i have days like that at the library, too. It was finally warm enough to spend some time in my pantry/ studio when we had that flash-in-the-pan above freezing moment a week ago, so I have some new prints to bring you, and a possible project to pick your brain about. Maybe stop by on friday? Also, love all your jewelry, don't let it all get sold before I make it in :)

carpenter ant said...

thanks barb! hope i see you soon mia!