Friday, February 11

roost interior overview

so much for 'tomorrow'.... sorry about that! i got a flu-ish thing that knocked me down for a day. so here's a quick peek at the interior fix up. next week will be all about details details details!

the old liquor store after they moved 'everything' out.

and 45 minutes into opening day. i don't think it's been this empty since ;)
(photo credit ilana panich-linsman)

another shot of pop's

and another of the roost! (photo credit ilana panich-linsman)

see you next week! (photo credit ilana panich-linsman)


Laura said...

I love the Roost! It is so beautiful. Living in this neighborhood for 17 years I have watched Market Street go through many changes. I always thought there should be a place to eat and gather on the street. This is that place! A fantastic job and the new hot spot! Congratulations!

carpenter ant said...

i'm so glad you think so! can't wait to see you over there... or in your shop!

Laura said...

Oh you will be sure to see us there! Thinking this week for breakfast - Breakfast on Market Street - It is like a dream :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! totally impressive....good work...smiles