Wednesday, February 16

the roost- tables&chairs

tables!! we made a lot of tables for this little cafe. here's a sampling.

most of the tables are made with reclaimed chestnut and steel frames made by mike (blue collar artisans) this particular base is from a gumball machine.
the chairs we scooped up at brimfield and took them down to the bare steel.

detail of a repair on the big farm table.

the espresso bar & my favorite stools.

more chairs and little tables. we used old sewing machine bases for these.

the coffee table- it pulls apart for personal dining ;)
the legs are old industrial seat bases.

another side table in the comfy area. we covered this old crate side with resin to protect the paper- possibly forever. this stuff is crazy thick!

detail of the round table.

more crate parts protected forever by resin.

(all photos credit ilana panich-linsman)


luke and pamela said...

looks so amazing!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

an awesome assortment of assets!
sorry couldn't help the alliteration- it just rolled off the keyboard-
NO, really, these tables AND THE CHAIRS are awesome!


carpenter ant said...

haha- i love a good alliteration!

real application said...

very good, use the unused material, simple, cheap, release earth pollution