Wednesday, December 29

wall mounted jewelry case

phew! we made it through all of the holiday madness relatively unscathed. lots of celebrating with family and friends, followed by a bit of a holiday snowstorm.

before the holiday, we had a customer present us with a challenge. we accepted with excitement! the project was a wall mounted jewelry case. we constructed a box out of hardwood and used this old window as the door. we replaced the top pane of glass with mirror on both sides and papered the other two panes.

inside there is all sorts of storage for all of the family jewels!

some nails and hooks to hang necklaces with some shelves below for bracelets and other things.

and a place to hang all of your earrings! we think there will be some more of these. it was a super fun project!


Anonymous said...

This is so remarkable!! Can you make one for me out of a door??
:-) -K2

sticksandbricksjustin said...

we sure could! you may need a closet though ;-)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

very the earring wire holder thingy!