Thursday, December 2


i've been having far too much fun with shrinky dinks.

so now we have key chains galore....

and some necklaces.

then, once i get started...

and the jewelery mess has begun,

it doesn't end for a couple of days.

freshwater pearls and copper pipe.

sterling chain and internal bearing clips.

oh, and more shrinky dinks.

of course.

prices range from 18-42 plus 5$ for domestic shipping. call during business hours with your credit card info if you're interested.


Dar said...

Love the shrinky dink necklaces & earrings! The city scapes are beautiful, & the copper backing is lovely.I'll definitely be in some time to check them out in person.

Anonymous said...

FUN and elegant....smiles.

Soon, Then said...

wow, those are pretty spectacular! Love them all!

carpenter ant said...

thanks so much guys!

knack said...

I am interested in the earrings three up from the bottom.......are they still available?

thanks so much!