Thursday, November 18

lazy susan (maybe i should change my name...)

so much for my big posting commitment! you'd think i know myself better by now....

this next piece has me thinking about thanksgiving next week.

i cut this pattern out of an old headboard ages ago for a project that ended up going in a different direction. it's been waiting for it's true purpose, and when i got this old busted lazy susan it found a home. the cut out corners inspire lots of spinning.... perfect for table top taco night.

it's finished with an excerpt from pablo neruda's 'great tablecloths'. let's eat!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

That is such a cool idea.

I was just looking at an old lazy susan contraption myself thinking know, "I should do something with that".
And here you are showing what you've done with your talent.
Been away from the WWW for a while-- I love the stamped quotes and such on your pieces --I guess this is something new you started in the last 5 months?
Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiment and lovely work, as always!

carpenter ant said...

thanks guys! we can't get enough- and it seems y'all can't either. it already sold :)

Unknown said...

oh that lazy susan is awesome.... good work

knack said...

totally love, love, love this!