Wednesday, November 10

arts night out: ina iansiti

this months arts night out we are featuring the work of fantastic local artist and our friend ina iansiti. a body of work she calls selfobject.

in the words of ina:

i am fascinated by the creation and representation of self in life and in art. in this series of self portraits, i use the traditional media of pastels and paints, combined with fabric and found objects, to explore a process that feels at times somewhat narcissistic. i am seduced by the lure of beauty, finding the distinction between being a beautiful object and creating a beautiful object. i am often self-consciously aware of the struggle between prettifying my image and using an exaggerated ugliness to create a representation of myself that feels in some sense authentic.

stop by this friday november 12th from 5-8 to see this show for yourself. certainly one not to miss!

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