Wednesday, October 28

turquoise trunk

i have to apologize. the first picture of this trunk is cloudy and does not do it justice. but i got a new camera- like an actual camera not an iphone- and i'm still learning how to use it. actually, it's more passive than that. i'm waiting for someone to show me the setting that takes magically good pictures. so far, no one's come in off the street to show me how to take a good picture in 5 minutes- because that's all the time i have to spare.

you'll just have to come in person to see how yummy this turquoise trunk is. and i promise to spend a little QT with my camera after thanksgiving.
who knows, maybe someone will show me that magical setting later today!


Anonymous said...

I think your photography is great, and that trunk is fabulous!!!

carpenter ant said...

awww, thanks.