Tuesday, July 12

bathroom vanity

we have a lot of catching up to do.

some of you may have noticed that i completely dropped off the face of interweb (is that what they call it? it's been so long.....). i'm tempted to list off excuses, but no one ever really wants to hear that. i do think it's safe to say that if being an artist means you are sometimes plagued with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and lack of direction - then i'm an artist!

while all that is true, i have also been very busy. lots of custom work and fun projects so there is a lot to share. lets start with the first set of photos that sat on my camera for far too long. a custom bathroom vanity project.

the top is stainless, and we made the box and window to fit their dimensional needs.

the handle on the left is made from an old spring hinge cover and the one on the right is from some kind of plumbing fixture. the door & window had that lovely patina already- perfect for this project.


Fat Girl Tri-Ing said...

very cool :)

Corinth said...

Good luck on the DIY project! I have been planning to do some bathroom and kitchen renovation after our boiler repair contractor finishes the needed repairs. Please post the pictures of the end product.

carpenter ant said...

hey corinth,
sadly, the vanity is not for my bathroom- which is badly in need of a remodel! someday when i remodel our bathroom, i'll be sure to post pictures ;).