Thursday, January 20

dresser lovin'

not even the pepto-pink of this refinishing project could turn me away! the dresser itself had great bones and all in all was in good structural shape.

i wanted to create a finish with a lot of texture while not going too over the top with color.

it was a multi-step process for sure. first i stripped off as much of all that old paint as i could (4 layers!!!) . then i opted for a couple of different colors in the grey and blue family. a little distressing, a lite covering of a dark stain in places to pull it all together and some new brushed metal knobs bring this old piece back to life!


knack said...

love the weathered look of this piece!

...p.s. I got my earrings in the mail yesterday!! I LOVE them and am wearing them today!

Thank you so much!

sticksandbricksjustin said...

thanks barb! glad you like the earrings :-)

Colleen said...

Beautiful dresser I like it.

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