Wednesday, January 20

fancy chair

this chair could almost be called a throne.

all the upholstery needed to be replaced and the springs retied.

a lot of work, but boy is it comfy!


Marian said...

Love it!!! Mine next, mine next!!

luke and pamela said...

you do such lovely work! i have been following your blog (and being inspired by it) for months now. yesterday i finally decided that it was time for me to find a thrift store desk to improve and care for and make mine. (my laptop currently sits on a wobbly tv tray) so i went to 6 different stores. and didn't find anything. lansing doesn't have the best 2nd hand market. but i'm hopeful. i guess this is the long way of saying thanks for the inspiration. :)

carpenter ant said...

thanks for the kind words pamela- i'm sure you'll find a great desk and make it perfect!

and lets talk marian.... i've heard whisperings of this chair..... sounds advanced!

Thrifty By Design said...

That chair looks AMAZING! :-)

dinah said...

holy dang! i love the combination of the fabrics.. and the rich luxurious colors! beautiful job!