Thursday, March 26

Hedboard bench

today's piece was made from a headboard that was bound for the dumpster. Good thing I got there when I did!

The giant bench!

Once upon a time this headboard was unwanted.

But wait! A whole new life is possible.

1/2" plywood cut to mirror the headboard.

3" foam- expertly cut.

Nail that fabric!

But is it still waiting for some upholstery buttons?


Amanda said...

Wow! What a treasure. That looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I found your website. I enjoy seeing just what new piece you are working on. You do marvelous work. I wish I could do some of the things you do, but unfortunately I live in an apartment. No woodworking or anything like that here. But you do inspire. Keep it up!!

brooklyn_codger said...

This is SO after my own heart. If only I had a woodshop... Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Love the shape and the happy orange fabric. I think I would vote for the buttons.

carpenter ant said...

thanks for the button vote- i've decided to make a couple pillows that should tie it all together. when it's done maybe i'll post it one more time!